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Our Services

Male Fat Loss

Your immediate priorities are Nutrition, Lifting, Cardio, Sleep, Hormones and Supplements, in that order. And we will deliver that change. Then long run it's Habit that rules your bodyfat. And we'll deliver that too.

It's about building momentum. We show you the building blocks and you pave your path by creating habits that make good choices easier and bad choices harder.

• Accurate Plans
• Regular testing
• Measurable Success

Female Fat Loss

LiveFit’s Female Fat Loss personal training package systematically peels back unhelpful myths and replaces them with real facts that work for your body, getting you leaner than ever, and staying that way.

We cover all bases, our female fat loss service deals with issues that not all personal trainers measure. Lifestyle issues that hormonally block fat loss; high stress, food timing, the wrong supplements, Oestrogen levels and poor sleep quality.

• Muscle activation techniques to make muscles tone better
• Metabolism boosting nutrition plans to precisely fuel fat loss
• Habit Coaching to encourage 'lean lifestyle'

Muscle Building

There are common mistakes that undermine the blood, sweat and tears, we'll teach you to recognise and eliminate them.

LiveFit Personal Trainers can guide you through the stages of muscle growth: Safely developing your body’s tolerance to exercise; Perfecting technique; Upping performance levels; and Learning how to push forward in future.

If you’ve tried and failed to build muscle before it is 100% certain these mistakes are affecting you. Everyone can build a well muscled body given the right:

• environment and rest
• nutrition and supplementation
• (and of course) training

Online Training

Choose from the wide variety of trainers on our site to find the person that most inspires you.

Track your results on your own phone with the LiveFit app and communicate with your trainer through video calls.

90 days to change your body. You can do this. We are with you.

• Monthly planning service - Training + Nutrition
• Monthly 20min video call with a specialist personal trainer
• LiveFit Coaching Diary for your phone
• From £65 a month for 3 months

Pregnancy Exercise


Through exercise in pregnancy it is possible to create a whole range of improvements to your gestational and post-natal health and have:
• Easier labour
• Relief from Lower Back Pain
• Lower Maternal weight gain during pregnancy

Our training and nutrition advice will help you maintain your strength and fitness for the coming challenges while providing an optimum internal environment for your baby.

Post Natal

We have helped countless women make their pregnancy and recovery an enriching, positive experience, to achieve:

• Faster post-natal weight loss
• Faster recovery of abdominal muscle tone
• Improved sleep for mother and new born baby

Injury Rehabilitation

If you are recovering from injury, living with pain or your performance is hampered, you should seek the help of a therapist AND a personal trainer.

This combined service is best value for money and will make it easier to recover fully and get fit again after an injury, beyond just being pain-free.

You're precious to us. You need a personal trainer that specialises in rehab, we only use the right trainer for the job.

• Biomechanical and posture analysis
• Remedial exercise programmes to prevent re-injury
• Activity specific training and prehab advice


Not everyone does it as well as they could though, 60% of regular runners get injured every year mainly due to unresolved biomechanical issues.

Your running style can be improved. For social runners or serious, a few sessions with a running specialist can pay huge rewards.

"How can I improve my time for a 5 or 10k, half or full Marathon?" Stay injury free. Train smart.

Whether it’s the biggest challenge you’ve ever taken on or you run marathons for breakfast, you can improve with us.

• Biomechanical assessment
• Corrective training plan
• Running Diary on your app

Athletic Conditioning

Whether it’s joining a football team, martial arts, boxing or preparing to climb Kilimanjaro LiveFit has the experience of preparing clients for every eventuality.

LiveFit’s trainers are all well qualified and experienced athletes who have been through the training themselves and know what it takes to produce real results on the day. There are different specialists all over our areas and you can train with them in person or online.

• Event specialist trainer
• Technique Coaching
• Specific training plan


Many LiveFit teams include a triathlon specialist personal trainer because that's what you need, a specialist. We have experienced triathlon coaches in our ranks that can teach you how to train properly for a triathlon in person or online.

• Technique and Transition coaching
• Online tracking
• Race day prep


So what’s the problem... Life. Get’s right in the way doesn’t it? Meals out. Working late. Too much effort. Supermarkets with no healthy snack food. Biscuits at the office. Trains, Tubes, Taxis. Hangovers. It’s impossible....

Or is it?

LiveFit can help you to EatFit. Apply sensible principles of eating 80% of the time, without being precious about it, you will feel brilliant and look it too. If you want to start laying down some positive nutritional habits that will sustain your body, mind and training then our nutritionists can help in person or online.

• Choose your menu (within reason!)
• Plan, recipes, shopping lists
• Food delivery service


You will learn about the problem, receive the relevant manual treatment, get advice and exercise plans for long term care of your problem, so it gets sorted once and for all.

Sports Massage Therapy may also be advised for those injuries. It is also well underused by those simply training hard and suffering chronic muscular pain; massage should be an essential part of your training program.

You’ll run faster, lift heavier, stand taller and feel fitter.

• Connect your trainer and therapist for better understanding
• Go from rehab to full performance
• Trusted referrals

LiveFit Mums

Mums can do our fitness classes once or twice a week or they can fit in one of our mini home workouts when it's hard to get to the gym. The LiveFit post-natal exercise system is compatible with the latest research guidelines and you will only ever be taught by a pregnancy specialist trainer.

The fitness classes involve pilates and yoga exercises to re-balance, weight lifting and cardio work for strength and fat burning, in a fun class with uplifting music.

• Onsite creche where available
• Meet local mums
• Home workouts

LiveFit BoxFit

You don't need any boxing experience, the LiveFit coaches can deal with all levels and the focus is on fitness and fun.

Our 1 hour boxing fitness classes will; improve stamina, tone arms and abs, improve your body awareness and co-ordination, teach you basic punches, footwork and combinations. You'll learn how to box and get fit by default!

Every champion was once a contender who refused to give up. Let's get to work.

• Padwork and Technique
• Circuits and Skipping
• Sweating your A$$ off

LiveFit Bootcamps

LiveFit camps always include some movement work to keep a balance to your training, improving your body's ability to actually do stuff while it looks good.

Each area has their own set up but often there are multiple sessions through the week; early morning, evenings and weekends. You can go for individual sessions, a monthly membership or our 1-2-3 package - 1st bootcamp of the week full price, 2nd bootcamp half price, 3rd bootcamp free.

Every coach brings their own unique flavour to the party but you can expect:

• Mostly bodyweight training
• Circuits and teamwork games
• Fun movement work


We always give our personal training clients movement homework but it's a great idea to complement your weight training or running with a restorative weekly yoga class as part of your LiveFit training package.

In every LiveFit area there is a yoga class that you can join in conjunction with your other LiveFit training choices. 1-on-1 yoga classes are also available, enquire now on your local page and make a movement toward better movement.

• Balanced training
• Mind and Body energy
• Injury rehab / prehab